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The StrongComposite project advances a novel cellulose material concept and explores the potential for implementation in the automotive sector, in construction and in the furniture industry by efficient upscaling processes and the production of specific prototypes in these fields of applications.

Scientific objectives

  • Achieve targeted material densities and mechanical performances

  • Use “green chemistry” for functionalization to achieve additional performance features 

  • Design green and adjustable resin matrices for advanced composite properties

  • Develop composites with high strength, high stiffness, and toughness


Reach larger sample dimensions by efficient veneer stacking processing Technological objectives 

  • Upscale to industrial processes for prototype geometries for different application fields 

  • Make use of extracted wood components as the resin matrix or for other bio-based materials 

  • Produce prototypes that fulfil performance requirements for industrial implementation
    (e.g. automotive, construction, furniture)


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