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The project team at ETH Zurich optimizes the delignification and densification process of the cellulose scaffolds in order to accomplish superior stiffness, strength, and toughness. 

For the production of high strength cellulose composites, which are less prone to changes in relative humidity, the team impregnates various resin matrices into the cellulose scaffolds and characterizes the obtained mechanical and hygroscopic properties after densification.

The team applies modification treatments to equip the cellulose materials with new functions and properties to overcome limitations of the cellulose material in classical applications (e.g. flammability) or allow for new application fields (e.g. magnetic properties, electric conductivity, gas adsorption). 

Studies on the delignification of veneers and suitable lay-up techniques as well as efficient infiltration processes and densification help to explore and improve the processability of the material. The gained knowledge supports and facilitates the upscaling of the technology to reach functional cellulose composites on an industrial scale with tuneable shape and complex geometries.

Dr. Marion Frey

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Dr. Tobias Keplinger

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Prof. Dr. Ingo Burgert

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ETH Zürich

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Current Team

Sophie Koch

Former Team Members

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