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At the M-ERA.NET project ForestValue StrongComposite IB STEINER is the responsible expert for overmoulding of wooden components with injection moulding technologies. EXJECTION technology works with low injection pressures and is suitable for the production of hybrid components made of delignified veneers and polymers. Injection moulding process should not only connect the matrix material with the wood-based material, but also enable the functionalisation of the component.

Together with project partners, especially with BOKU, samples of delignified veneers will be prepared for overmoulding trials. Moulding materials are selected in such a way that good penetration of the wood component is possible and sufficient adhesion is achieved. Investigations will be carried out to determine how the injection pressure can be used to compress the delignified veneers in order to achieve densification of veneers.

IB STEINER will support project partners in developing of a suitable impregnation process for delignified veneers, in search for adhesive bonding solutions based on various commercially available wood adhesives and in investigations concerning the properties and long-term behaviour of strong composites.

The knowledge of the component requirements of products on the market and IB STEINER's expertise in component development will be beneficially used in the joint research project to define the geometries of demonstrators and evaluate possible applications.

Gottfried Steiner

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