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Scientific discussions and lectures involving our group participants are an important part of our current way of learning. The following selection shows the diverse approaches of our group members:

Scientific Talks and Conferences

SWST (online)

Holz-Zentrale Ressource in einer zukünftigen Bioökonomie, ETH Zurich (online)

IUPAC CCCE 2021 congress Solving Global Challenges with Chemistry (online)

ICBBA  4th International Conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives (online)

SusBIC 2021, Milan, Italy

Salzburg Conference for Smart Materials (online)

SMART 2021, Kunming, China, Hybrid Conference (online)

7th International Polysaccharide Conference, Nantes, France

Euromat 2021 (online)

MaP Symposium, ETH Zurich (online)


SWST online conference

Fortbildungskurs Swiss Wood Innovation Network S-WIN, Weinfelden, Switzerland


International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM), Melbourne, Australia



Holzwerkstoffkolloquium, Dresden, Germany

BIA Young Researchers' Day, Nantes, France

Forum Internacional de Construcción con Madera, Pamplona, Spain

2nd Salzburg Conference for Smart Materials, Salzburg, Austria

WOOD – Perspectives for a sustainable bioeconomy, Tulln, Austria 

FinnCERES Scientific Seminar 2022, Espoo, Finland 

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