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The research of Stockholm Univ. (PI Prof. Lennart Bergström) aims to gain a better understanding of the molecular or mesoscopic assembly mechanisms and structure-property relations of hybrid materials based on renewable and Earth-abundant raw materials. The group is part of the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK) ( at Stockholm University and has full access to infrastructure for the synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured and hybrid materials including TEM (including electron diffraction and tomography), SEM, FIB/SEM, X-ray diffraction, DLS, electrophoretic mobility, rheology, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy, and PPMS. The group is also a member of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC, and a frequent user of large facilities, including Max IV, and develop cell-environments and design in-situ experiments, e.g. in-situ SAXS studies. P3 will develop formulations for functionalization and impregnation of foams and networks of the delignified wood.

Prof. Dr. Lennart Bergström


Stockholm University

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